Poll shows strong support for offshore wind, labor standards

Voters in key states overwhelmingly support building offshore wind energy with strong labor standards, including paying living wages and good benefits, according to a new poll released today by the Climate Jobs National Resource Center and conducted by Impact Research. The poll found that voters believe offshore wind energy will strengthen local economies.

Poll findings include:

  • By a 47-point margin, two-thirds of voters support building offshore wind energy with strong labor standards (66% support / 19% oppose / 16% don’t know). This includes solid net support across all demographic subgroups, including by a 44-point margin in coastal communities and across party lines: Democrats (+75), Independents (+36), and Republicans (+16).
  • Workplace safety and living wages are paramount. Voters overwhelmingly view workplace safety protections (89%) and living wages and good benefits (82%) as very important requirements for jobs created by the offshore wind industry.
  • Voters believe offshore wind will be good for the economy and jobs—two of their top priorities for lawmakers. By a 37-point margin, they believe building offshore wind energy will be good for the economy (47% good / 10% bad); and by a 42-point margin, they believe it will create jobs (51% create jobs / 9% cost jobs).
  • Supporting offshore wind is politically beneficial. More than four in five voters say that strengthening the state’s economy (83%) and creating more good jobs (83%) should be very important issues for lawmakers working on energy and environment issues. By a 24-point margin, voters also say they would be more likely to vote for candidates that support building offshore wind with strong labor standards.

Read the full press release here.

Download the poll memo here.