Climate Jobs National Resource Center

The Climate Jobs National Resource Center (CJNRC) and Climate Jobs National Resource Center Action Fund (CJNRCAF) are labor-led organizations that work to educate workers about and advocate for climate policies that will build a clean energy economy at the scale science demands, create good union careers, and reverse racial and economic inequality.

The Climate Crisis

Climate breakdown, produced by human activity, has destabilized our climate and led to a staggering onslaught of bigger, more destructive wildfires; rising sea levels; powerful storms and hurricanes; extended droughts; extreme heat and cold weather events; and global disease outbreaks. 

This climate crisis threatens where we live, work, and play and calls for immediate action.

Our Approach

Climate breakdown is already hitting workers, particularly workers of color, first and worst. We believe that to take on the dual crises of climate change and inequality, unions must lead in the fight for a worker-centered clean energy economy. 

We support a growing network of state-based, union-led Climate Jobs Coalitions organizing to advance climate jobs action plans in their states and united to tackle the climate crisis, create good union jobs, and tackle racial and economic inequality.