About Us

Climate Jobs National Resource Center (CJNRC) is united around a shared goal of combating climate change while reversing income inequality. The mission of CJNRC is to advocate for a clean energy economy at the scale climate science demands, create good union jobs, and support more equitable communities.

CJNRC helps unions across the U.S. form their own state-based Climate Jobs coalitions. CJNRC provides strategic and technical support to state-led coalitions to develop action plans specific to their states to create good, clean jobs, organize union members around the plan, and advocate for its implementation. Specific support on how to engage and educate community leaders, labor leaders, and members, business leaders, and elected officials is also available.

The CJNRC staff is skilled in mobilizing resources, experienced in how unions work, and knowledgeable in climate science. Our support and tools include:

o Convening meetings with unions to begin forming a Climate Jobs coalition in your state.
o Partnering with Cornell ILR in NYC-The ILR School-Cornell University or assisting in finding a university to partner with your state
o Offering technical assistance in developing specific clean energy economy proposals for your state.
o Building an educational program for workers about climate policy along with state and local decision-making to prepare them for effective advocacy.
o Creating a strategic plan for advocacy campaigns.
o Connecting your state to a platform where Climate Jobs coalitions can communicate with each other.
o Offering guidance on working with climate groups to advance shared environmental goals without compromising our stand on good jobs and a just transition.