Our Story

Climate Jobs National Resource Center is the leading national labor-led organization in the climate movement. Our story began in 2017 with the launch of Climate Jobs New York (CJNY), a coalition of unions that joined together to fight climate change and income inequality. CJNY won bold climate action to create good-paying union jobs, trained union members on the science of climate change, and significant investments in the state’s offshore wind infrastructure.


Our early success in New York paved the way for labor-led climate jobs coalitions in states across the country. To strengthen and expand the growing climate jobs movement, we launched as a national organization, Climate Jobs National Resource Center (CJNRC), in 2020 in collaboration with five unions and the Labor Leading On Climate Initiative at Cornell University’s Worker Institute.


We provide strategic and technical support to labor-led climate jobs coalitions in a growing number of states. We work in close collaboration with the coalitions to support in developing climate action plans, organizing union members around the plan, and developing a strategic campaign to win its implementation.


Currently, we support labor-led, state-level climate jobs coalitions in six states: Connecticut, New York, Maine, Texas, Rhode Island, and Illinois.