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September 20, 2023

Unions Fight in the States to Make Biden’s Climate Agenda Work for Workers

Jim Tankersley, The New York Times

In states like Maine, unions and environmental groups have teamed up in an attempt to make a central promise of President Biden’s green agenda come true for workers.

September 20, 2023

BK Council Member Sandy Nurse Introduces New Solar Energy Bill Ahead of Climate Week

Staff, BK Reader

Brooklyn Council Member Sandy Nurse, along with several other elected officials, introduced a new solar power bill this week. The newly announced legislation would require New York City to accelerate solar energy installations on city-owned buildings and public properties.

September 20, 2023

Climate Jobs Honored With NYC Council Proclamation

Stephanie West, Labor Press

On September 19, 2023, Climate Jobs NY received a proclamation from New York City (NYC) Council in recognition of their work to advance good union jobs within the renewable energy economy.

September 10, 2023

Washington unions join in support of climate-friendly jobs

R. Hans Miller, Basin Business Journal

Six Washington-based unions are teaming up to take advantage of Washington’s legislative environment and the need for workers to fill environmentally-friendly positions created by that environment.

September 2, 2023

OP-ED: Labor Day celebrates American workers’ victories. WA unions are fighting for more

April Sims, Mark Riker, and Jon Holden, The News Tribune

A wide group of labor unions representing hundreds of thousands of workers across Washington have formed the Climate Jobs Washington coalition to advance a plan to build a strong clean energy economy that prioritizes the needs of workers and their families. As we celebrate Labor Day, our state’s labor movement is confident that we can tackle both climate breakdown and inequality.

August 30, 2023

OP-ED: Marking a year of strong gains for unions

George Nee and Patrick Crowley, The Boston Globe

The Rhode Island labor movement has much to celebrate this Labor Day.

September 10, 2023

Washington unions join in support of climate-friendly jobs

R. Hans Miller, Basin Business Journal

Six Washington-based unions are teaming up to take advantage of Washington’s legislative environment and the need for workers to fill environmentally-friendly positions created by that environment.

September 2, 2023

OP-ED: Labor Day celebrates American workers’ victories. WA unions are fighting for more

April Sims, Mark Riker, and Jon Holden, The News Tribune

A wide group of labor unions representing hundreds of thousands of workers across Washington have formed the Climate Jobs Washington coalition to advance a plan to build a strong clean energy economy that prioritizes the needs of workers and their families. As we celebrate Labor Day, our state’s labor movement is confident that we can tackle both climate breakdown and inequality.

August 30, 2023

OP-ED: Marking a year of strong gains for unions

George Nee and Patrick Crowley, The Boston Globe

The Rhode Island labor movement has much to celebrate this Labor Day.

August 21, 2023

‘I live to die’: Lawsuit shows continued dangers of working in Texas’s energy industry

Amal Ahmed, Facing South

The South contains more than a third of the nation’s oil and gas workforce. Eleven percent of all energy workers are in Texas. Worker protections across the South are weak: The region has the worst wages and worker safety laws, as well as few protections for collective bargaining and organizing.

August 17, 2023

How Texans Are Coping with the ‘Death Star’ Bill

Neel Dhanesha, Heatmap

Here’s how workers feel about the elimination of mandatory water breaks amid unrelenting summer heat.

August 17, 2023

How has Wisconsin changed since the Inflation Reduction Act?

Corrinne Hess, Wisconsin Public Radio

The landmark legislation, signed Aug. 16, 2022, invests in climate, clean energy and regenerative agriculture. The law provides clean energy tax credits for energy efficient commercial buildings, homes and electric vehicles.

August 10, 2023

R.I. Workforce Plans for Offshore Wind, Anticipating Solid Union-Supported Jobs

Mary Lhowe, ecoRI News

The offshore wind industry has a solid foothold on land in Rhode Island, in workplaces thick with concrete, steel, wrenches, and hard hats. The industry’s land bases in the Ocean State also include busy places where people are training to work in the nascent industry.

August 7, 2023

Can Unions Save Workers from the Heat?

Neel Dhanesha, Heatmap

As the world heats up, working conditions will get worse. And unions are starting to become essential to climate adaptation.

August 1, 2023

ME Labor Groups Applaud New Offshore Wind Energy Industry Standards

Kathryn Carley, Public News Service

Labor advocates are hailing Maine Governor Janet Mill’s signing of a landmark bill creating a new offshore wind energy industry in the state, with strong protections for workers. The bill was negotiated by lawmakers, advocates for Maine’s fishing industry and organized labor, who say it will create thousands of union jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for years to come.

August 1, 2023

Washington labor unions launch coalition for climate jobs

A. Smith, KGMI

Labor unions from across the state launched a new coalition on Monday, July 31st, to address climate change in the workforce.

July 31, 2023

Unions launch Climate Jobs Washington

David Groves, The Stand

Unions across Washington launched Climate Jobs Washington, a new coalition of labor unions coming together to address both climate change and racial and economic inequality by creating high-quality union jobs to sustain Washington’s families and communities.

July 31, 2023

Labor’s plan for fighting climate change and creating jobs in Washington

Jerry Cornfield, Washington State Standard

A coalition of unions released a report laying out an ambitious “worker-centered climate roadmap” to create more than 800,000 jobs across Washington in the building, transportation, energy, and low-carbon manufacturing sectors

July 28, 2023

LTE: Jobs in offshore wind require strong labor standards

Jayme Skelton, Portland Press Herald

I am an apprentice with the Operating Engineers Local 4. Joining the union is the best decision I’ve made when it comes to my career. For the work that I do, I know that I am receiving the best training and making the best wages and benefits there is in the industry.

July 24, 2023

Maine governor reaches offshore wind deal with labor unions

Maxine Joselow, Washington Post

Maine Gov. Janet Mills (D) has reached a compromise with labor unions on legislation to boost the state’s offshore wind industry, overcoming past disagreements that threatened to tank the measure.

July 19, 2023

OP-ED: Employ vulnerable communities to build New York’s clean energy transition

Davon Lomax, City and State

In order to right deep-rooted environmental inequities, the state’s clean energy transition should provide communities of color with access to quality job opportunities in the new green economy.

July 5, 2023

OP-ED: Michigan students deserve to learn in a healthy environment

David Hecker, Michigan Advance 

The chair of the union-led Michigan Green and Health Schools Coalition discusses how we can make Michigan schools greener and healthier.

June 28, 2023

‘No one’s tougher than the sun’: How a construction worker is staying safe during Texas’ heat wave

Scott Tong, WBUR

Here & Now’s Scott Tong speaks with a construction worker there about how they’re handling the extreme heat on the job.

June 19, 2023

Wind turbine ports run by union labor could help Maine be leader in climate, industry

Dan Neumann, Maine Beacon

A bill introduced by Gov. Janet Mills that would create visual impact standards for future offshore wind projects has passed the Maine Legislature and is on its way to her desk.

June 6, 2023

OP-ED: Bills call for responsible development of Maine’s offshore wind industry

Maureen Drouin and Francis Eanes, Portland Press Herald

L.D. 1818 and L.D. 1895 will put our priorities and our ideals into law and ensure that offshore wind is implemented in a way that doesn’t compromise our state’s values.

June 1, 2023

EPA’s methane proposal would create 19,000 Texas jobs — report

Carlos Anchondo, E&E News

An analysis from the University of Texas, Austin, and a workers’ group found that plugging methane leaks in oil and gas infrastructure would create both short-term and long-term jobs.

June 1, 2023

Bills Aim to Create ‘Responsible’ Offshore Wind Industry in ME

Kathryn Carley, Public News Service

Maine lawmakers are considering two pieces of legislation which supporters said are needed to ensure “responsible” development of offshore wind projects.

May 26, 2023

New report finds cutting methane emissions could bring thousands of jobs to Texas oil fields

Marfa Public Radio

A new report from researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Climate Jobs Project concluded tens of thousands of jobs may be created in Texas as a result of new methane regulations.

May 26, 2023

Is CT’s largest offshore wind project headed for the shoals?

Jan Ellen Spiegel, CT Mirror

Connecticut could be in danger of losing its biggest offshore wind project — the more than 800 megawatt plan known as Park City Wind.

May 18, 2023

Plan to cut methane emissions could yield 35,000 new union jobs in Texas, study finds

Brandon Rodriguez, SA Current

Reducing methane emissions in Texas could create 35,000 union jobs in the state, according to a new study by the Texas Climate Jobs Project and the Ray Marshall Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

May 17, 2023

Capping Emissions Could Create 35,000 Jobs in Texas (If Lawmakers Would Only Listen)

Molly Taft, Gizmodo

Texas could add tens of thousands of jobs if the state seriously commits itself to driving down its methane emissions, finds a report from the Texas Climate Jobs Project released Wednesday. But state leadership has thus far refused funding from the federal government for anti-methane measures.

May 17, 2023

New Report Finds Methane Mitigation in Texas Could Create Thousands of Jobs

Martha Pskowski, Inside Climate News

Texas officials have vowed to oppose federal regulations aimed at reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations. But the report says plugging leaks and upgrading wells is poised to be a big business in the Lone Star State.

May 10, 2023

Workers want to ensure Maine’s budding offshore wind industry will create good-paying jobs

Dan Neumann, Maine Beacon

As officials and business leaders are setting their sights on making Maine a hub for the offshore wind industry, workers and environmentalists insist that any green infrastructure produced here should be built through good-paying, union jobs.

May 9, 2023

OP-ED: Maine can build offshore wind that protects our people and environment

Chip Curry, Bangor Daily News

Senator Curry discuss the need to balance a move towards for offshore wind the concerns of the lobster industry and protecting and supporting Mainers and the environment.

April 21, 2023

NHPR’s 2023 By Degrees Climate Summit

Emily Quirk and Daniela Allee, NHPR

NHPR, in collaboration with NHPBS, held the first ever By Degrees Climate Summit at the University of New Hampshire in Durham on April 13. One of the panelist is Aziz Dehkan, executive director of CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs.

April 20, 2023

Lobstering Union (IAM 207), Maine Building Trades unions, Maine AFL-CIO Back Proposal to Protect Fishing Jobs & Create Union Jobs in Offshore Wind

Andy O’ Brien, Maine AFL-CIO

The Maine Lobstering Union (IAM 207) and the Maine AFL-CIO Executive Board have voted to support a proposal that would protect fishing grounds while also allowing offshore wind development in a way that creates good union jobs.

April 12, 2023

Environmentalists, unions back latest push for offshore wind on Lake Michigan

Andrew Adams, WGLT

A coalition of Democratic politicians, labor unions and environmental groups is advocating for a plan that would put an offshore wind farm off the coast of Lake Michigan on Chicago’s South Side.

March 31, 2023

Local Unions Call for Safe Jobs in Offshore Wind Energy Industry

Faith Bugenhagen, Houston Press

Offshore wind jobs are coming to the Gulf of Mexico. Union members like Zachary Zahn and Charles Vaughn are advocating to ensure those jobs are good, union jobs with high wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions.

March 28, 2023

A Green Economy For Rhode Island

Autumn Guillotte, Labor Vision RI

Labor Vision host, Autumn Guillotte, sits down with Climate Jobs RI staff to talk about victories in 2022 and upcoming 2023 priorities.

March 21, 2023

Unions, environmentalists call for ‘decarbonizing’ R.I. public schools

Edward Fitzpatrick, Boston Globe

Climate Jobs Rhode Island renewed its “Green and Healthy Schools” campaign, urging the General Assembly to pass legislation that would spur investments in “net-zero” school buildings and decarbonize all its public school buildings by 2035.

March 28, 2023

Training ex-offenders for green jobs is essential for economic equity

Tim Drea and Chynna Hampton, Chicago Sun Times

Under the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act, work force hubs will work with local nonprofits to identify and train candidates, including returning residents, for training in clean energy jobs.

March 27, 2023

Texas Unions Want Offshore Wind to Provide Well-Paid, Safe Jobs

Roz Brown, Public News Service

Offshore wind development is coming to Texas under the Biden administration’s plan to grow America’s clean-energy economy, and union members want the jobs to include proper safety and worker protections.

March 21, 2023

Unions, environmentalists call for ‘decarbonizing’ R.I. public schools

Edward Fitzpatrick, Boston Globe

Climate Jobs Rhode Island renewed its “Green and Healthy Schools” campaign, urging the General Assembly to pass legislation that would spur investments in “net-zero” school buildings and decarbonize all its public school buildings by 2035.

March 15, 2023

Interview with Gary Menzel, President of Roofers & Waterproofers Local 11

Joan Esposito, WCPT 820

Gary Menzel and Joan Esposito discuss the importance of workforce development through union-registered appreciation and pre-apprenticeship programs (52:00 – 1:12:30).

February 28, 2023

Combining Decarbonization, Good Jobs, and Climate Justice

Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect

Gina Raimondo released guidelines on how applications for manufacturing subsidies under the $53 billion CHIPS and Science Act will be evaluated. These could include whether applicants will get extra points for provisions long sought by the labor movement, such as project labor agreements and prevailing-wage commitments, which pave the way for union contracts.

February 22, 2023

New Climate Jobs Institute Allows for Research Addressing Climate Change, Aims to Create More Jobs

Gabriella Pacitto, The Cornell Daily Sun

The Industrial and Labor Relations School launched their Climate Jobs Institute on Jan. 25. The Institute will help New York state transition to a stronger clean energy economy by addressing the climate crisis and creating more jobs through continued cutting-edge research.

February 8, 2023

Biden is coming to Wisconsin to tout job creation, support for union labor. Here’s how a clean energy program helps meet those goals.

Karl Ebert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

President Biden visits an union apprentice training center near Madison as his first stop the day after a State of the Union address in which he spoke about his administration’s work on job creation, clean energy and the economy.

February 1, 2023

In Maine, coalition works to make sure organized labor has role in offshore wind

Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network

A group of environmental and labor organizations want a state offshore wind advisory committee in its final plan to include more specific language recommending project labor and labor peace agreements.

January 27, 2023

Why unions are excited about these provisions hidden deep in the Inflation Reduction Act

Kristin Toussaint, Fast Company

The Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law last summer, is the U.S.’s largest-ever investment in clean and renewable energy. But it’s also a landmark policy for labor, tying $270 billion in tax incentives (of the bill’s $369 billion clean energy investment) to labor standards that will boost working conditions for those in clean energy jobs.

January 25, 2023

Proposal calls for expansion of Maine’s offshore wind power

AP News

Conservation and labor groups are making a big push for offshore wind power in Maine via a proposed law that would boost the state’s energy production.

January 25, 2023

OP-ED: At least one of the answers is blowing in the wind

The Editorial Board, Portland Press Herald

A new bill that promises to stimulate the development of offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine strikes all the right notes.

January 24, 2023

Maine would buy offshore wind power in huge quantities under proposed law

Tuk Turkel, Portland Press Herald

Proposed legislation unveiled Tuesday would call for the purchase of offshore wind-generated electricity in amounts that could supply every home in the state, and then some.

January 19, 2023

Radio interview with Robb Kahl and Mike Fishman

Joe Zepecki, Steve Scaffidi Show on WTMJ

Robb and Mike talk about the importance of the IRA and the strong labor standards that it will help implement on clean energy projects.

January 18, 2023

Labor leads efforts to turn federal climate policy into good jobs

Mike Fishman, Cipher

Voices article from Mike Fishman, President and Executive Director of the Climate Jobs National Resource Center.

December 26, 2022

An offshore wind project being built with union labor could be exactly what energy workers need

Jeremy Gantz, Fortune

The South Fork Wind project, New York’s first offshore wind farm, is notable for being built almost entirely with union labor.

December 15, 2022

Large-scale solar farms are spreading, sparking debate over labor practices and land use


Strong labor standards and local hiring will ensure a better solar industry for all.

December 7, 2022

Workers on Solar’s Front Lines

Lee Harris, The American Prospect

Unions are fighting to ensure solar workers are skilled tradesmen, not just exploited temps.

December 2, 2022

What kinds of jobs will be created by offshore wind farms?

H.J. Mai, NPR

When President Biden talks about America’s clean energy transition, he often mentions good paying union jobs. We examine what jobs the offshore wind industry could offer.

November 25, 2022

Big, Contentious Austin Energy Rate Hike Finally Arrives at Council

Lina Fisher, The Austin Chronicle

Austin City Council is set to vote on the Austin Energy proposed base rate increase on December 1.

November 5, 2022

The existential stakes of the midterm election for our climate and working people

Kilton Webb, Beacon

As you prepare to cast your ballot in this midterm election, remember what’s at stake this election season: the future of our climate, a fair economy, and good, union jobs in Maine.

October 14, 2022

Will offshore wind bring ‘good-paying, union jobs’? Texas workers aren’t so sure.

Emily Pontecorvo, Grist

The Biden administration is gearing up to turn the Gulf of Mexico, long a hub for offshore oil and gas drilling, into a new city of skyscraping offshore wind turbines.

October 3, 2022

Austin ISD school board approves protections for construction workers ahead of bond election

Becky Fogel, Austin Monitor

The Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees has signed off on a resolution to improve labor standards for any construction projects on district property. The board approved the measure at a meeting Thursday.

September 30, 2022

Planning for the future: Officials tout potential of new health center complex

Ryan Patterson, The Journal Times

Standing between a school and a community center, local officials outlined how a new complex could transform the area by aiding the economy and the environment and reducing health care and education barriers for residents.

September 30, 2022

A new health clinic will create jobs, offers promise for the uninsured in Racine

Jessica Rodriguez, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The city of Racine will save $2 million on its new health center project because its construction will meet provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act that are aimed at reducing the community’s carbon footprint.

September 28, 2022

Inflation Reduction Act benefits: Good paying jobs and revitalized U.S. manufacturing

Sarah Spengeman, Forbes

The Inflation Reduction Act is not just historic climate policy, its historic jobs policy, capable of creating an estimated 9 million jobs over the next ten years according to the Blue Green Alliance. But what kind of jobs will they be?

September 27, 2022

Biden promised “good-paying union jobs,” but it will take organizing to get them

Leanna First-Arai, Truthout

Since the historic and controversial Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law in August, the economy has begun showing early signs of shifting and recalibrating beneath our feet… The IRA set aside $369 billion in climate and energy spending, which researchers estimate will translate to 9 million jobs over the next decade.

September 27, 2022

Workers demand labor protections at Austin Energy base rate rally

Kali Bramble, Austin Monitor

It was an unusually lively morning outside Austin Energy Headquarters last Saturday, as a coalition of workers, environmentalists and community leaders gathered to air their grievances with the publicly owned utility.

September 25, 2022

Rally held at Austin Energy HQ amid proposed rate increase

Julianna Russ, KXAN

On Saturday, Texas Unions and Austinites gathered outside the Austin Energy headquarters to rally and deliver a petition.

September 24, 2022

Groups demand action on rising energy rates, worker conditions in rally outside Austin Energy HQ


Residents rallied outside of the Austin Energy headquarters on Saturday, demanding the electric utility company address certain issues.

September 2, 2022

OP-ED: Strong unions make the economy — and R.I. — work better

George Nee and Patrick Crowley, Boston Globe

Marking Labor Day, Rhode Island AFL-CIO leaders say passing legislation to make wage theft a felony, and addressing water infrastructure to replace lead pipes, are priorities going forward.

September 2, 2022

OP-ED: The Inflation Reduction Act will create climate jobs for Wisconsin workers

Pam Fendt, Wisconsin Examiner

Wisconsin is entering a boom cycle in renewable energy development. From utility-scale solar projects that will replace aging infrastructure to plans for the manufacturing of the needed component parts here, progress is now a question of “when?’”and “how?” instead of ”‘if?”

August 29, 2022

OP-ED: What the Inflation Reduction Act means for Maine workers

Cynthia Phinney and Jason J. Shedlock, Bangor Daily News

The IRA will give us a fighting chance to address climate change while at the same time providing Mainers much-needed relief via the development of an abundant and diverse energy portfolio.

August 24, 2022

LTE: In climate jobs era, here’s what Inflation Reduction Act means for Illinois workers

Pat Devaney, Chicago Sun Times

The $379 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the biggest climate bill the U.S. has enacted, will give us a fighting chance to slash harmful pollution and secure a better future for our kids and future generations. But this isn’t just a climate win. It’s a climate jobs win. That’s what makes it such a big deal for Illinois.

August 20, 2022

OP-ED: Federal climate jobs act a boon to RI workers

Priscilla De La Cruz and Patrick Crowley, The Providence Journal

The $379-billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the biggest climate bill to pass Congress, will give us a fighting chance to slash harmful pollution and secure a better future for our kids.

August 19, 2022

Federal electric bus program leaves Chicago, other school districts behind

Kari Lydersen, Energy News Network

The state’s largest school district doesn’t qualify for funding under a federal electric school bus program despite serving tens of thousands of low-income students in polluted areas. Critics are pressing for changes to the program.

August 16, 2022

Maine weatherization contractors race to hire and expand as demand booms

Sarah Shemkus, Energy News Network

Contractors registered with Efficiency Maine are on pace to insulate twice as many houses this year as last, with wait times now close to three months. State incentives and soaring oil prices are driving the surge in demand.

August 12, 2022

Wind capital in the Gulf

Delger Erdenesanaa, Texas Observer

Upcoming offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico could bring jobs as well as clean energy to Texas communities.

August 11, 2022

Poll suggests support for unions and sustainability in AISD

Willow Higgins, Austin Monitor

A recent poll of AISD voters concluded that there is broad support for making the school district more sustainable and creating career pathways for union work.

August 2, 2022

OP-ED: Bridgeport must act on clean buses

Mustafa Salahuddin, Connecticut Post

Last month, in New Haven, Gov. Ned Lamont signed into law the Connecticut Clean Air Act. This legislation requires Connecticut’s school districts to transition to 100 percent zero-emissions (fully electric) school buses in districts that serve environmental justice communities by 2030, and requires all school districts in the state to phase out diesel buses by 2035.

July 29, 2022

OP-ED: Biden, don’t let offshore wind energy leave workers behind

Rick Levy and Dave Cortez, Houston Chronicle

The federal government announced last week that offshore wind is coming to the Gulf of Mexico — and it could be a game changer not just for energy, but for workers and communities across the region.

July 28, 2022

NYS announces third offshore wind solicitation

Adina Genn, Long Island Business News

New York State is launching its third offshore wind solicitation. Gov. Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday that the state seeks to procure 2,000 megawatts of clean, renewable energy that would power at least 1.5 million New York homes.

July 28, 2022

OP-ED: In R.I., labor and environmental groups working together on dual crises of climate and inequality

Priscilla De La Cruz and Patrick Crowley, Boston Globe

Nearly two years ago, we formed a coalition of our respective movements uniting around the idea that the climate crisis and inequality must be solved together.

July 12, 2022

OP-ED: Union labor will help lead New York’s transition to clean energy

Joseph Azzopardi, AMNY

As extreme weather patterns become a common occurrence, and sea levels and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise alarmingly, New York State has rightly acknowledged the urgency of the climate crisis during its latest legislative session.

July 12, 2022

Unions vie to get in on ground floor of offshore wind industry

Paige Smith and Stephen Lee, Bloomberg Law

Unions are positioning themselves as a key part of the Biden administration’s goal to deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030, pushing for worker-focused mandates while fielding questions about how it can be done, particularly in the waters off less union-friendly states.

July 8, 2022

Meet the groups bringing people of color into New England’s energy industry

Hadley Barndollar, The Providence Journal

In the move towards renewable energy, people of color cannot be left behind.

June 24, 2022

Offshore wind energy bills passed by Rhode Island legislature

Zach Bright, Bloomberg Law

Bills to advance plans for offshore wind energy and stronger labor standards are among environmental bills approved by the Rhode Island Legislature.

June 20, 2022

Updating aging NYC school buildings will reduce the city’s carbon emissions

Michael Elsen-Rooney, Daily News

The city’s aging school buildings, which spew out the same volume of carbon dioxide emissions as 154,000 cars each year, will be a key battleground in efforts to reduce air pollution and boost clean energy across city, advocates say.

June 15, 2022

R.I. on track to be first state to require 100% of its electricity come from renewable energy sources

Edward Fitzpatrick, Boston Globe

Rhode Island is on its way to requiring that 100 percent of electricity sold in the state comes from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2033 — sooner than any other state in the country.

June 14, 2022

Rhode Island advances bill for 100% renewable electric by 2033

Zach Bright, Bloomberg Law

The smallest state is on track to adopt the country’s strongest renewable standard, supporters say, following a Tuesday vote in Rhode Island’s state House of Representatives.

June 14, 2022

OP-ED: Toward building carbon free schools

, The Pantagraph

As the school calendar winds down for summer break, students and families will be making plans for vacations, camp, and trips to the beach. Back on campus, administrators and educators will be preparing for the year ahead, including piecing together a plan to keep their aging buildings operational.

June 7, 2022

OP-ED: A road map for making inroads into climate change in New York

Anita Raman, Crain’s New York Business

A new Cornell University report, Climate for Change: A Complete Climate Jobs Roadmap for New York City, a provides policy recommendations that will lead to net-zero emissions, create more than one million family-sustaining jobs, and reduce inequality in the city.

June 7, 2022

OP-ED: Workers have a plan to kickstart NYC’s stalled climate response

Gary LaBarbera and Vincent Alvarez, PoliticsNY

As leaders of Climate Jobs NY, a coalition of unions representing millions of working New Yorkers, we stand behind this climate jobs vision for our city. Workers are already on the frontlines of climate change. We rebuilt after Sandy, cleaned up flooded public schools after Ida, and are working hard to build renewable energy infrastructure.

June 3, 2022

Texas Democrats want unionized wind work

Michaela Ross, Bloomberg Law

Eight Texas House Democrats called on the Interior Department on Thursday to require all new offshore wind projects in the Gulf of Mexico to be built with union labor. The lawmakers also want the economic and social benefits of the projects to be sent to marginalized communities.

June 2, 2022

For a living wage and a habitable planet, we need climate jobs programs

Paul Prescod, Jacobin

Climate and labor activists are coming together to hammer out ambitious but realistic plans for massively expanding the clean-energy sector in a way that also creates good union jobs. For both paychecks and the planet, it’s the only path forward.

June 2, 2022

Texas Dems look to offshore wind

Matthew Choi, Kelsey Tamborrino, and Alex Guillén, Politico

Texas Democratic Reps. Sylvia Garcia, Marc Veasey, Al Green, Lloyd Doggett, Vicente Gonzalez, Veronica Escobar, Sheila Jackson Lee and Joaquin Castro sent a letter this morning to the Interior Department to ensure the administration’s offshore wind plans in the Gulf of Mexico include strong protections for organized labor.

June 2, 2022

Texas Democrats, unions call on Interior to protect workers’ rights in offshore wind leasing

Zack Budryk, The Hill

A coalition of Texas unions and members of Congress is calling on the Biden administration to ensure workers’ rights are protected in the buildout of offshore wind infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico.

June 1, 2022

Hard to breathe: Report finds most NYC public schools with worst ventilation woes are in areas lacking green technology

Isabel Song Beer, AMNY

“We have billions of federal dollars available right now that our city can invest in repairing and retrofitting school buildings to create healthier classrooms for students and educators, slash carbon emissions and pollution, create good union jobs, and save our city millions of dollars in energy costs. Healthy school buildings mean healthy kids, educators, and communities.” said Dave Hancock, Interim Executive Director, Climate Jobs NY.

May 30, 2022

America’s next wind powerhouse: The Gulf of Mexico?

Kelsey Tamborrino, Politico

The Gulf of Mexico has spent eight decades as one of the nation’s prime petroleum hubs, home to thousands of rigs, platforms and other structures that drill, store and ship fossil fuels. Now the Biden administration is reviewing 30 million acres of Gulf waters near Texas and Louisiana for potential wind turbines — a development that could dovetail with proposals to generate other clean energy sources, such as hydrogen.

May 29, 2022

OP-ED: Bridgeport schools face challenging climate future

Michael Testani, CTPost

The superintendent of Bridgeport public schools urges Bridgeport community to help address the climate crises, the COVID-19 pandemic, and racial inequity by joining the Bridgeport Carbon Free and Healthy Schools campaign.

May 24, 2022

CPS welcomes guests to school sites

Staff, Cranston Herald

Climate Jobs Rhode Island, along with unions and climate organizations, visited several public schools with the Cranston superintendent to discuss the importance of designing sustainable schools that meet the needs of the local community.

May 23, 2022

Report: Google Fiber subcontractors’ record shows value of union labor

Gus Bova, Texas Observer

A new report seeks to draw Texans’ attention to an often-overlooked component of broadband expansion: the workers whose sweat will connect the country, who excavate and bore and trench and install and repair this increasingly taxpayer-funded and essential infrastructure.

May 22, 2022

The NY Bight could write the book on how we build offshore wind farms in the future

Nikita Amir, PopSci

Along the Atlantic coast, off New York and New Jersey, a stretch of ocean that’s 2.5 times the size of New York City was just leased by the US government to six energy companies. Those developers have one goal: to turn the 488,000 acres of water into offshore wind farms to power the two states with renewable energy.

May 19, 2022

Labor unions’ climate agenda for City Hall includes cutting school emissions, adding bike lanes

Danielle Dunn, Politico Pro

Major labor leaders are throwing their support behind an array of climate initiatives they say will create good union jobs as state and city leaders race to meet their mandates for cutting emissions.

May 13, 2022

Clean energy is the future—but to get the most out of it, Wisconsin workers should build the infrastructure

Robb Kahl, Up North News

Solar energy is coming to Wisconsin in a huge way, but in order for Wisconsin communities to enjoy the full benefits of this booming industry, solar energy production jobs needs to go to local workers and have high labor standards.

May 12, 2022

Cost savings for ComEd customers

Pat Devaney, Chicago Sun Times

ComEd customers are set to receive cost savings on their energy bills due to a provision in the state’s recently enacted Climate and Equity Jobs Act called the Carbon Mitigation Credit Program.

May 9, 2022

OP-ED: NYC students deserve carbon-free and healthy schools

Carmen De La Rosa and Rita Joseph, City Limits

The Carbon Free and Healthy Schools plan would be transformational: it would institute energy audits and retrofits of each school, repair and replace HVAC systems, invest in climate resiliency upgrades, and electrify our fleet of school buses. It would make use of schools’ large rooftops to generate solar power and increase school buildings’ overall energy efficiency.

April 29, 2022

Maine labor coalition scores major legislative win creating renewable energy jobs

Dan Neumann, Maine Beacon

The Maine Labor Climate Council won its first major victory in the Maine Legislature this week: LD 1969. This law will require prevailing wages and equity standards on all large, utility-scale renewable energy projects including solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and hydropower.

April 28, 2022

OP-ED: Labor taking lead on green economy

Renee Hamel and Dan McInerney, CTPost

The American economy is driven by American workers. In Connecticut, many areas of employment have organized labor and fill our unions with bright, hardworking individuals dedicated to moving the state forward and securing a better future for all residents.

April 26, 2022

New law could boost labor union presence in Maine renewable energy projects

Fred Bever, Maine Public

As Maine continues to expand its investments in renewable energy infrastructure, organized labor is notching some policy victories aimed at boosting union workers’ presence in the green economy.

April 18, 2022

OP-ED: Our city can repair NYC schools and create thousands of union jobs

Vincent Alvarez, AMNY

The p discusses the urgent need for updating aging public schools buildings.

April 13, 2022

Maine labor organizers, state lawmakers call out federal inaction on climate, health care

Dan Neumann, Beacon

Grassroots activists joined labor and State House leaders on Wednesday in Augusta to call on Maine’s congressional delegation to jump start talks on President Joe Biden’s stalled social spending package that called for much-needed investments in the country’s social safety net and addressed the escalating threat of climate change.

April 8, 2022

Green light for state’s largest solar project in Dane County

Erik Gunn, Wisconsin Examiner

State regulators gave the all clear Thursday to the largest Wisconsin solar array yet, to be built on 4,600 acres of land in Dane County. The proposed Koshkonong Solar Energy Center will generate 300 megawatts of power and include storage battery capacity for 165 megawatts.

April 8, 2022

Illinois prioritizes equitable access to green jobs on its path to 100% clean energy

Laura Aka, Working Nation

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) aims to get the state to 100% clean energy by 2050 by focusing significant workforce development components, including an emphasis on building a more diverse workforce with equitable access to the skills needed to get green jobs.

April 5, 2022

Environmental group strives to create 20,000 union jobs in renewables

Ed “Flash” Ferenc, America’s Work Force Podcast

Maine AFL-CIO President Cynthia Phinney spoke about the creation of the Maine Labor Climate Council, a coalition of more than a dozen unions who strive to address climate change in Maine.

April 4, 2022

Bills would track, reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from large buildings

Rob Smith, EcoRI News

A set of bills up for consideration in the General Assembly would benchmark emissions from large buildings (H7850) and expand the Green Buildings Act to set Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building standards for more state-owned and state-used buildings (H7278)

April 4, 2022

Organized labor leads employment of the future

Ann Donch, AMNY

We have to tackle crises together, and New York can get it done by building an equitable renewable energy economy powered by good-paying union jobs with training, family-sustaining benefits, and retirement security. That’s exactly why labor is leading on climate.

March 29, 2022

New advisory group to study port development for offshore wind

Laurie Schreiber, Mainebiz

The Mills administration has expressed its official view of offshore wind as an “unprecedented economic and investment opportunity for Maine” and plans are underway to study options for possible uses of the renewable energy at the state’s commercial ports as part of Maine’s Offshore Wind Roadmap, a strategic planning process coordinated by the Governor’s Energy Office.

March 24, 2022

Advocates call on Mayor Adams and City Council to retrofit public schools with green infrastructure

Isabel Song Beer, AMNY

Elected officials, environmentalists, union leaders and other advocates gathered on the steps of City Hall Thursday to demand Mayor Eric Adams and the NYC city council retrofit public schools with climate friendly infrastructure.

March 24, 2022

Wisconsin’s clean energy goal’s could grow state’s economy by $21 billion, but state lags Midwest counterparts

Corrinne Hess, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

If Wisconsin meets its goal of transitioning to 100% clean energy over the next 30 years, it could grow the state’s economy by $21 billion and create more than 34,000 jobs, according to a new study.

March 22, 2022

Change in the air as wind ushers in New Energy era for Long Island

Claude Solnik, Long Island Press

The winds of change blew through East Hampton on Feb. 11, as construction symbolically started on the South Fork Wind project. In a TV studio, local, state and national officials lifted a shovel of dirt while cameras rolled.

March 18, 2022

OP-ED: Here’s how we can improve our classrooms and our climate

David Hecker, Michigan Advance

Right now, the climate crisis is one of the biggest threats to public health, and we cannot ignore the impact it has on our communities. To ensure a bright future for our students, we also need to do our part to promote sustainability and protect the health of our environment.

March 9, 2021

OP-ED: Workers have a climate plan for region

Cynthia Phinney, Patrick Crowley, and Joe Toner, The Providence Journal

Our states are flush with extra cash, thanks in part to relief money, federal infrastructure funding, and tax revenue that held steady during the pandemic. What to do with this money is the question. As labor leaders and advocates who represent the millions of working New Englanders who keep our region running, our answer is simple: invest in a pro-worker, climate-safe future.

March 2, 2021

Maine labor unions create climate council

AJ Douglas, Fox 22 WFVX Bangor

Unions across the state of Maine joined forces to create the Maine Labor Climate Council. The council’s goal is to advance quality employment standards while creating more climate-related job opportunities.

March 2, 2021

Report recommends slew of climate, labor policies for Maine

Lily Bohlke, Public News Service

A new report outlines steps Maine could take to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and pollution, create new jobs and build more equitable and resilient communities. It comes on the heels of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change finding that the window to reverse the impacts of climate change is closing.

March 2, 2021

Voice of Maine interview with Matt Shlobohm

Ric Tyler, Voice of Maine

Matt Shlobohm, Executive Director of the Maine AFL-CIO, about the launch of the Maine Labor Climate Council and the release of the “Maine Climate Jobs Report.”

March 2, 2021

Maine unions launch platform to create thousands of good jobs, take on climate crisis

Evan Popp, Beacon

Maine unions on Tuesday launched a new coalition to push for pro-labor environmental initiatives and unveiled a report detailing the bold climate jobs action plan the organization will advocate for. The coalition, called the Maine Labor Climate Council, is made up of a dozen unions from across the state representing a variety of different industries and workplaces.

March 2, 2021

OP-ED: Rhode Island’s route to an equitable, worker-centered, green economy

George Nee and Sheila Dormody, The Boston Globe

With a state budget surplus of $618 million and more than $2.5 billion in federal infrastructure money in our public coffers, Rhode Island is in a strong position to tackle the climate crisis, rebuild our infrastructure, and invest in an equitable economy that works for all. A new report, authored by experts at Cornell University, shows how our state leaders can seize the moment and get it done.

March 1, 2021

Labor unions form new group to combat climate change in Maine

Nicole Ogrysko, Maine Public 

More than a dozen unions have created a new Maine Labor Climate Council, which they officially launched Tuesday. The unions say Maine has an opportunity to tackle climate change, the economic fallout from the pandemic and income inequality all at once.

March 1, 2021

OP-ED: It’s time for climate policies that put working people first

By Cynthia Phinney, President of the Maine AFL-CIO, a federation of 160 unions representing 40,000 workers in Maine, Bangor Daily News

The overlapping crises of climate change, widening inequality and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic present huge challenges for communities and working families throughout Maine. As the earth continues to warm we’re experiencing more intense nor’easters, worsening heat wavesrising sea levels and the ever-increasing threats to our livelihoods in our fishing-, forest- and tourism-related economies. At the same time, four decades of stagnant wages and the economic fallout from the pandemic have left a growing number of Mainers unable to keep up with skyrocketing costs of housing, food, gas and other basic necessities.

February 24, 2021

Unions testify during City Council civil service and labor hearing for improved workers’ rights

Isabel Song Beer, AMNY

Climate Jobs NY (CJNY) Executive Director Jeff Vockrodt and 32BJ (the union representing after school cleaners and handypersons) union member and NYC public school cleaner Angel Ocasio and testified on the urgent need for school infrastructure investments during a New York City Council hearing on Civil Service and Labor.

February 15, 2021

Talking solar on the Steve Scaffidi show

Robb Kahl, WTMJ

Robb Kahl, Executive Director of the Construction Business Group, talks about the benefit of hiring Wisconsin workers for utility-scale solar projects on the Steve Scaffidi show.

February 14, 2021

NYC unions rally behind ambitious new climate action plans

Isabel Song Beer, AMNY

The Climate Jobs New York (CJNY) union in conjunction with Cornell University released a report outlining recommendations to Mayor Eric Adams’ administration as well as examining the impact of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic on NYC workers and schools.

February 8, 2021

With its first offshore wind project approved and more in the pipeline, New York’s labor movement is ready to go

By Elana Knopp, Edison Energy

In this first of a two-part series, Edison Energy sat down with Mariah Dignan, Regional Director, Long Island, at Climate Jobs New York (CJNY), to discuss the booming offshore wind sector in New York State and the thousands of green jobs it will create in the region.

February 3, 2021

Labor and environmental coalition calls for R.I. to transition to a clean energy economy

Edward Fitzpatrick, Boston Globe

A report by Cornell University researchers details crises involving climate change, the pandemic, and inequality, recommends major public projects involving wind energy, schools, and electrical grid.


January 25, 2021

Labor Vision TV: Climate Jobs Rhode Island’s Green & Healthy Schools Initiative

Autumn Guillotte, LaborVision RI

Green and Healthy Schools Show host Autumn Guillotte sits down with Erica Hammond and Mike Roles from Climate Jobs RI, Priscilla De La Cruz from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, and Justin Kelly from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 11, to discuss the push to de-carbonize public school buildings.

February 11, 2021

Construction begins on South Fork Wind project

David Winzelberg, Long Island Business News

The project from Ørsted and Eversource is the state’s first offshore wind installation and will put a dozen wind turbines about 35 miles east of Montauk Point. The turbines will generate about 130 megawatts of power, enough to power more than 70,000 homes. South Fork Wind is expected to eliminate 6 million tons of carbon emissions over 25 years, which is the equivalent of taking 60,000 cars off the road. 

February 10, 2021

Wisconsin can maximize the economic impact of renewable energy development if local workers build the projects

Robb Kahl, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The boom in solar energy generation will reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuels and has the potential to help local Wisconsin communities where they are built. But whether solar energy generates real benefits for Wisconsinites will depend largely on how many local residents are put to work in good jobs building these projects.

February 10, 2021

Ready, willing, and able: Long Island poised to build major supply chain as New York ramps offshore wind procurements

Elana Knopp, Edison Energy

In this second of a two-part series, Edison Energy sat down with Mariah Dignan, Regional Director, Long Island, at Climate Jobs New York (CJNY), to discuss upcoming offshore wind procurements in New York and the region’s growing supply chain.

December 9, 2021

Unions, climate groups call for ‘decarbonizing’ R.I. public school buildings

Edward Fitzpatrick, Boston Globe

A coalition of labor unions and environmental groups is calling for Rhode Island to tap federal and state funds to “decarbonize” public school buildings by shifting them from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

December 8, 2021

Environmental and labor groups call on RI to invest in greener schools

Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal

Rhode Island environmental and organized labor organizations are calling on state government to use an influx of federal funds to ensure that any plans to rebuild public schools also include the incorporation of solar power and other clean energy measures.

October 13, 2021

Climate activists promote new Connecticut job creation law

Clare Secrist, WSHU

A Connecticut climate advocacy group believes a law it helped pass this summer will help strengthen the labor movement and address climate change. This comes as advocates struggle to get the state to join the Transportation and Climate Initiative, which could fund more green energy projects.

September 28, 2021

Labor and environmentalist movements team up and win big in Illinois

Michael Sainato, The Real News

Labor unions, environmental groups, and elected officials have finally pushed through a landmark bill in Illinois that will expand decarbonization efforts across the state while providing equitable job opportunities, training, and labor standards for workers.


September 21, 2021

Illinois just won a big green jobs victory

Liza Featherstone, Jacobin

In Illinois last week, a coalition of unions and environmentalists scored a major victory with a law providing for a miniature Green New Deal: billions invested in clean energy, a commitment to decarbonizing, solid labor standards, and embrace of nuclear power.

September 20, 2021

How the US labor movement is getting to grips with the climate crisis

Michael Sainato, The Guardian

In Texas and West Virginia, unions are having tough conversations about the future of fossil fuels – and finding new ways to support workers transitioning from oil and coal to cleaner jobs.

September 10, 2021

House passes ‘historic’ clean-energy bill

Shia Kapos, POLITICO

House lawmakers passed sweeping legislation to eliminate Illinois carbon emissions by 2050, with a compromise allowing two coal-fired plants to stay open until 2045 with the caveat that they cut emissions by nearly half by 2035.

August 18, 2021

‘Everyone wants a good job’: The Texas unions fighting for a green new deal

Dharna Noor, Grist

The myth that climate action kills jobs is dying. Study after study shows that serious environmental policy spurs job creation. Most recently, a July report found that meeting the Paris Agreement’s goals could create 8 million positions globally by 2050.

July 30, 2021

Why Texas fossil fuel unions signed onto a climate plan

Emily Pontecorvo, Grist

On Wednesday, dozens of unions attending the Texas AFL-CIO’s annual convention, including those with members employed in the oil and gas industry, voted to endorse a series of recommendations for Texas to reduce emissions while creating good-paying jobs and ensuring fossil fuel workers aren’t left behind.

July 12, 2021

OP-ED: New prevailing wage legislation a win for solar industry workers

Aziz Dehkan and Heather Burns, Hartford Business Journal

SB 999 will ensure that Connecticut’s efforts to combat climate change will create jobs that pay family-sustaining wages and increase training opportunities for Connecticut’s marginalized residents.

March 19, 2021

Climate Jobs New York update: We support the Public Service Commission’s approval of the South Fork wind cable landing

Staff, Workers World Today

Climate Jobs New York and allies issued a statement on the PSC’s approval of the South Fork Wind Project’s cable landing.

March 18, 2021

OP-ED: Make green jobs good jobs

John Harrity and Samantha Dynowski, The CT Mirror

Connecticut is passing climate policy to reduce greenhouse gases and transition from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy. It is also critical that Connecticut ensure a technically advanced, sustainable labor force, and provides good jobs for workers and communities in clean and renewable energy development.

March 18, 2021

State approves offshore wind farm cable landing

Christopher Walsh, The Easthampton Star

In a major step forward for the proposed South Fork Wind farm, the New York State Public Service Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to issue a conditional Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need, a requirement in order for the project to move ahead.

February 12, 2021

Pascrell, Rice lead NJ, NY members demanding federal action on offshore wind development

Staff, Inside NJ

Lawmakers urge Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to issue long-overdue wind development area designations, hold new lease auctions

December 29, 2020

November 30, 2020

How New York is trying to build lots of renewables, fast

November 19, 2020

North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) and  ØRSTED signed landmark MOU for U.S. offshore wind workforce transition

Energy Central

A partnership between Ørsted and the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) will create a national agreement designed to transition U.S. union construction workers into the offshore wind industry in collaboration with the leadership of the 14 U.S. NABTU affiliates and the AFL-CIO.

November 18, 2020

Powering Chicago member joins Climate Jobs Illinois coalition


Powering Chicago, the voice of Chicago’s unionized electrical industry, announced today that member Bob Hattier has been appointed to Climate Jobs Illinois, a coalition of labor organizations advocating for a pro-worker, pro-climate agenda in Illinois.