Offshore Wind

Unions and state climate jobs coalitions across the country are organizing to advance a bold, pro-worker vision for offshore wind, winning policies to create good union jobs throughout the supply chain, expand career pathways in under-resourced communities, and build a thriving clean energy economy.

Our offshore wind potential is huge. Labor is leading with an ambitious, worker-centered plan to ensure this new industry supplies clean, reliable power to millions of homes by 2030 and significantly reduces pollution.


Workers are starting to make climate job wins.

Unions have already won campaigns that ensure offshore wind jobs created are high quality, union jobs in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Recent campaign wins include:

  • A 9GW commitment in New York with labor and equity standards
  • A 1GW procurement in Rhode Island with labor standards
  • Securing strong labor standards so that workers benefit as Connecticut meets its goal of procuring 2 GW of offshore wind
  • Building the country’s first wind turbine union in Rhode Island
  • Securing a mandate to build the first floating wind turbine in Maine with union labor

Unions are also fighting for good offshore wind jobs in Texas and the mid-Atlantic, where, without federal leadership, anti-worker state laws could lead to dangerous and exploitative jobs instead of the family-sustaining union careers that communities in these regions deserve.

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What is offshore wind?

Offshore wind power is a critical renewable resource. Wind speeds in deep ocean water reach higher and more consistent speeds than on land. Turbines built offshore transform ocean wind into electricity that is supplied via underground transmission cables to the electricity grid onshore. For more information about how offshore wind turbines work, click here.