Our Work: The Climate Jobs Model 

CJNRC works with unions to form state-based coalitions to address the growing climate crisis and the rising economic disparities by creating family-sustaining clean energy jobs. Successfully confronting climate change at the state level requires detailed information about how a state creates and uses energy. It further depends upon a sophisticated assessment of the production and efficiency changes in the state that would create good jobs and begin to build a clean energy economy.

CJNRC prioritizes new investments in wind and solar energy projects, launching building retrofit initiatives for residential, commercial, and public buildings, improving energy efficiency at industrial and commercial spaces, and expanding public transit infrastructure.

CJNRC serves as a financial and technical resource for state-based coalitions as they mobilize local unions and policymakers to build a clean energy economy. These alliances will lead to substantial changes needed to drive state-level clean energy policies and investment decisions forward.