Thank you for joining us at the Climate Jobs Summit: From Ambition to Action!

Our climate, economy, and society are in crisis. Climate disasters, skyrocketing costs of living, and deepening inequality are hitting workers first and worst. Workers know that our time to act is running out; that’s why unions across the country are organizing to tackle these compounding crises with a bold, pro-worker climate agenda.

The Climate Jobs Summit on September 21 and accompanying Week of Action brought together climate jobs coalitions, labor leaders, union climate activists, environmental advocates, policymakers, scientists, and allies in our shared mission to build an equitable clean energy economy powered by good union jobs.

We talked about the ways that climate change and inequality are inextricably linked, dug into specific opportunities for labor to shape bold climate action and emerging technologies, and discussed strategies for training an inclusive and equitable climate workforce.

The Climate Jobs Summit and Week of Action is sponsored by Climate Jobs National Resource Center, Climate Jobs NY, and the Labor Leading on Climate Initiative at Cornell University’s Worker Institute.

Here’s a clip of the opening remarks at last year’s Climate Jobs Summit.

Click here for the full 2021 Climate Jobs Summit